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New lease on life for backyard sports court in Olinda

Making the old look new again, Ultracourts recently completed this project in Olinda, where our team transformed an older, fading court into a fresh and funky new space.



Breath of life

Not only did we bring the existing court back to life in this recently finished project in Olinda, but we managed to make it bigger and better. Building on the space already in place, our team also added an extension including a basketball ring, soccer goal and sitting area with “clubhouse”, creating an area for the whole family to use and be part of.​




Works Undergone

So, what kind of process was involved for this renovated court project in Olinda? It certainly was no ace, set and match to achieve the end goal. To achieve the final sporty shared space, works undertaken included:

  • Excavation
  • Retaining walls
  • New fencing
  • New LED lighting
  • Concrete slab extension
  • Base repairs to existing asphalt court
  • Premium Australian Made “Pro Tennis” texturised monofilament

From Drab to Fab

As you can see – the proof is in the pictures – this backyard sports court in Olinda has gone from drab to fab with a simple but effective overhaul, opening up the space with multi-sport options (which can be undertaken with any court, whether existing or starting from scratch) and maximising the opportunities on offer to anyone and everyone who uses the court. It could become the home base for the next tennis, basketball or soccer star or just a fun, light-hearted space for family and friends to have a laugh, get fit and enjoy a match on a sunny Melbourne afternoon.

If this sounds like something you would love in your backyard, we can make it happen! Ultracourts is a Melbourne-based tennis court and sports ground installation company that operates Victoria-wide, so yes we can come to you. Want to know more about the services we offer and how we can help you become the next tennis superstar (or hit and giggle star)? Get in touch with our team today to discuss your options.