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Australia has always been blessed with the talents of numerous tennis players. The tennis players of Australia have dominated different Grand Slam tournaments over the years. Let us check out some of the most famous tennis players of Australia of all time.

Lleyton Hewitt

Lleyton Hewitt, or “Rusty”, was a relentless tennis player primarily famous for his 5 set duels. He made his grand slam debut at 1997 Australian open. He won the US open title in 2001. He has recently purchased a new home in Burleigh Heads with a home court made with mixed grass, hard court and clay surfaces.

Australia's Famous Tennis Players and their home courts - Hewitt

 Neale Fraser

Neale Fraser is another in the list of famous Australian tennis players. He was known for his power-packed left-hand serve. He is a two-time US Open winner and a Wimbledon champion, and Fraser has also helped the Australian team enjoy victory in 1973, 1983, 1977 and 1986.

Australia's Famous Tennis Players and their home Neale-Fraser

Ashley Cooper

Ashley Cooper is another example of attacking the opponents from the baseline with the combination of deft net skills. He won the Grand Slam in 1958 and is the only Australian to win three or more Grand Slams within a year.

Australia's Famous Tennis Players and their home Ashley Cooper

Norman Brookes

The Wizard, or Sir Norman Books, was one of the first famous Australian tennis players to win the Wimbledon championship in 1907. His style of solid groundstroke with excellent serving variety helped him reach new heights. He won the Australian Open in 1911 and won both doubles and singles at Wimbledon. He was also the first tennis player to be knighted. He used to have a private home court at their house at Queens Road, Melbourne. The court ground was perfect for learning the strokes and tactics.

Australia's Famous Tennis Players and their home Norman-Brookes

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