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Australian Open 2024 Tennis Courts

Are you a tennis buff planning to build a court in your home? Well, you could opt for the same surface as the Australian Open 2024 tennis courts.

Whether casual player or training for something more serious down the line, a professional court is your best bet. Every surface has different properties, but the surface used on the Australian Open 2024 tennis courts are ideal.

Australian Open 2024 Tennis Courts

Australian Open 2024 Tennis Courts

The Australia Open is played on cushion acrylic hard courts installed by Greenset Worldwide.

Of the 39 courts at Melbourne Park, 33 are hard courts.

Before the switch to Greenset, the Australian Open used Rebound Ace.

Ultra Courts specialises in synthetic surfaces, and this is one of their most popular requests.

Every Synthetic Court Is Different

Greenest supplies acrylic hardcourt surfaces composed of layers of acrylic resin and silica on top of asphalt or concrete.

It’s classified as a medium-slow, medium, and medium-fast court. Most notably used by the Cincinatti Masters, Paris Masters, Davis Cup, Swiss Indoors, and various Olympics and ATP finals.

Meanwhile Rebound Ace is a cushioned hardcourt of polyurethane rubber, fiberglass, and other materials, again sitting on asphalt or concrete.

Like all synthetic surfaces, they can be customised to suit your needs – essentially the bounce and speed of the ball can be determined by you!

As enjoyed by pros at the Aussie Open and Olympics, you too can experience the joys of playing on this surface.

Have Your Dream Tennis Court

The team at Ultra Courts can design and construct your own home court, in a perfect balance of your own vision, and what they know will work.

With years of experience and expertise, they’ll build you the court you’ve always wanted.

We’ll take care of you from design, to construction, to all the finishing touches.

Construction – excavation, steelwork, drainage.

Maintenance – repairs, full resurfacing, line markings, high-pressure cleaning.

Australian Open 2024 Tennis Courts

Installation of equipment like nets and gates.

Fencing and retaining walls.

Landscaping and light installation. Many factors go into having your own home court, but with Ultra Courts, you know we will be there to help you through the process. Contact us today.