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Acrylic Surface Tennis Court

Acrylic coated tennis court surfaces are popular in Australia.
They are suited to all levels of coaching, training and play.

Acrylic Surface Tennis Court

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Acrylic Surface Tennis Court


There are many things to consider when choosing your acrylic tennis court surface.

These include maintenance, resilience, usage, environment and of course budget. Acrylic tennis court surfaces are an exceptional answer to many questions asked by our clients.

With so many options and additions available for your Tennis Court it’s easy to not know where to start.

At Ultracourts, our experts are more than happy to advise and work with you on the perfect solution to suit your individual needs. Over 25 years’ experience coupled with our expert staff and superior high standards gives you the peace of mind that you are getting the highest quality tennis court in line with our theme ‘Affordable Excellence’

Talk to our talented professionals today to discuss what is possible. Our friendly expert staff members are always willing to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us here.

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Acrylic Surface Tennis Courts
Acrylic Surface Tennis Court Melbourne
Acrylic Surface Tennis Courts Melbourne
Acrylic Surface Tennis Court Melbourne